Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. You can never be too early to plan a wedding once you have said Yes. The average time length of engagement in the US is up to 16 months, so much you can do in a year and a half. Time to crank up your bridal senses and get started with the ultimate wedding planning checklist from our ever-dependable sources.

16 TO 10 MONTHS BEFORE: Ready…Get…Set…Go…

  • Set a date: Choose up to 3 dates as options for convenience.
  • Prepare your budget: Whether it is a low-key or an extravagant one set a maximum budget and pick a theme.
  • Select your team: Maid of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and ring bearers.
  • Get your guest list ready: RSVPs, return gifts and food should not be overdone, make a head count.
  • Visit the venue: Explore venues and pick the one suitable for you and your fiancé and start making receptions before it is too late.
  • Google ideas: Start browsing ideas for your wedding dress, veil, and accessories and buy them by the end of the first phase.
  • Start hiring: Planners, photographers, videographers, wedding bands, and caterers should be appointed on the initial stage itself.
  • Start a fitness program: Team up with your fiancé and start a fitness regime.

9 TO 6 MONTHS BEFORE: Let’s get down to business

  • Book hotels: Begin making reservations on hotels for your guests, which should be near the wedding venue.
  • Plan your honeymoon: Start planning on where your honeymoon destination will be.
  • Start designing invitation cards: Browse ideas for designs for invitation cards, thank you cards and programs.
  • Shop for your team: Take the bridesmaids and groomsmen out for shopping and select their attires for the occasion.
  • Refine guest lists: Keep checking on guest lists for inclusion or cancellations.
  • Decide on the cake: Go for cake testing and pick the design you love.
  • Purchase wedding rings: Take your time to decide on the design of your rings
  • Start sending out cards: Send your invitations through the mail, in person or declare it on social media.

5 TO 3 MONTHS BEFORE: You’re doing good, keep going.

  • Decide on decors: It is time to decide what flowers you want, and which settings will make your day special.
  • Book your honeymoon: Start calling the hotels and book your rooms.
  • Fit your dress: Call your friends to show support on your dress fitting day.
  • Finalize your guest list: Confirm your guest lists once and for all and assign seating.
  • Start paying: It is easier to confirm payments as soon as you can.

2 TO 1 MONTH BEFORE: Almost there

  • Make it official: Apply for your marriage license.
  • Make timelines: Send the wedding timeline to your caterers and planners
  • Get return gifts: Purchase thank you gifts for your guests.
  • Write vows: If you are going to exchange vows, start writing you will need the time to think and rewrite them.
  • Do a hair rehearsal: Visit your hair stylist and check your final hairstyle with your veil, if you are wearing one. Color your hair.

A WEEK BEFORE: This is it

  • Pick up your dress: Now that you know it fits you, go and get your dress.
  • Final check on hired pros: Check for the last time with your photographers and musicians
  • Prepare for an emergency: In case something happens prepare an emergency kit.
  • Go for a spa: Prepare a spa day for you and your girls.
  • Attend rehearsal: Learn the procedures of what will happen on your big day.


Well, you don’t have to do anything a day before your day. Just relax, meditate if needed, and put all your cares on the people in charge. Pamper your mind and body and get a good night’s sleep.

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