Wedding bouquets for the big day

If wedding planning is in full swing, have you decided what you will be carrying down the aisle? Once upon a time, posies were the go to option for brides. These days you have no shortage of less traditional options to create a stunning statement as you make your entrance.     

Read on for our top 10 alternatives to the traditional posy or nosegay. Remember, this is your big day, choose something that appeals to you! 

Hand tied 

Ideal for boho inspired weddings.  This free flowing look is quickly becoming a favourite. Hand tied bouquets usually leave the stems visible which adds a lovely natural feeling to the look and is perfect for an outdoor wedding. To keep your wedding day super simple, why not have your hand tied flowers delivered to Birmingham by Bloom Magic a few days beforehand. You’ll be ready to head down the aisle, or forest path, in style with minimum fuss. 


This elegant style is normally carried in the crook of your arm. If you want a minimalist look to your big day, choose a few select large flowers nestled in crisp greenery for a chic and elegant look. Alternatively, go all out and fill it with baby’s breath, wild roses and foxgloves for a rustic look.   


Also known as a kissing ballthis sphere of flowers carried on the end of a ribbon is often a favourite of flower girls. However, there is nothing to say the bride can’t have their very own. Try embellishing your pomander with gems or brooches to give it an unexpected, yet eye catching look.   


If you have been lucky enough to find an experienced florista composite bouquet might be the option for you. These bouquets use multiple buds or petals to create the illusion of a single and stunningly large flower. The technique is tricky hence the need for an experience florist. Be aware that the price tag that comes along with it will be on the higher end too.  

Single stem 

If you like the look of the composite bouquet but not the price tag, a single stem could be the ideal compromise. Large peonies and hydrangeas are perfect for this understated look. You might also want to consider a sunflower for summer weddings. A single allium is another eye catching single stem option.  


For a truly romantic and dreamy lookconsider a cascade bouquet. This gorgeous design drips flowers and greenery at the front to create a tear drop shape. Vines are a popular choice of greenery to incorporate into this style and create a lovely ethereal look. 


This unusual arrangement can be similar to a cascade bouquet in that it has flowers and foliage that drips down. Instead of the tear drop shapethis bouquet is more semi circle in structure. Bulk up the flowers in the middle to hide where you hold it. If you want to show off your wedding nails, bind the middle of the bouquet with ribbon or twine and have your hands take pride of place. 


Contemporary bouquets are perfect for unconventional brides that want something a little bit different. There are no rules with these beauties so think unusual arrangements, more exotic flowers and interesting shapes. Pick a creative florist and see what they come up with! 

A bouquet of found objects 

Not all bouquets need to contain flowers. A bouquet created from brooches, buttons or even felt or paper flowers can be simply delightful. This exciting take on a bouquet is ideal if you are worried about potential allergies from pollen, or even if you want to be mindful of waste.      


Add colour and whimsy to your wedding by carrying balloons down the aisle instead of flowers. A single oversized balloon on a ribbon can be a gorgeous alternative to a bouquet. While flower girls and page boys will look adorable carrying heart shaped balloons. 


Let the planning begin! Enjoy searching for the perfect arrangement for you. Something that shows off your personality and will become a treasured memory. With so much choice, let your imagination run wild to come up with the perfect look.   

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