Oh the most wonderful time of the year – tips for a winter wedding

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

I think you’d be hard pressed to find many people that don’t light up when you mention December and all the month has to offer us. Yes, of course we know its cold, and the lack of daylight makes us want to pack our jobs in and never leave that cosy bed of ours. But there is something so magical about that time of the year that unsurprisingly tickles many brides fancies. \Winter weddings, with their cool undertones and classy atmosphere, are all the rage right now!

However, planning the perfect wedding in the cooler months around Christmas can actually become more difficult than expected, with more limitations than warmer months and the organisational difficulties that come with having a wedding in the low season. So without further ado, here are our top tips on planning the perfect winter wedding.

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Firstly, timing is everything. Unlike the summer season when weddings are at their height, the winter season can be scarce. With the added competition of school holidays, and season trips, not to mention work christmas dos and all those celebratory drinks parties, getting your invites out early is a must. Although we tend to think of most people stuck in on a cold night, making themselves cosy in front of the fire, the reality is the we are al much more preoccupied than that. Sending early invites will ensure that your guests clear their schedules and make weather appropriate plans for travelling to your venue.

Second top tip is to seriously thing about colour themes. With the shorter daylight, it is more difficult to pick a colour theme that is going to shine through in the darker light, especially as the sun starts to drop around 4pm in the height of December. Rich colours are most popular with winter weddings, however it is easy to think that classic winter colours work best when that is not always the case. “Christmas” colours such as red and green tend to look excessive and twee, despite their relationship with the season. instead, look at a greater range of colours, focussing on cooler undertones. Blues, purples and pinks can all work perfectly with winter weddings, as long as you don’t opt for war undertone. The cooling colours will compliment any winter venue, and would look particularly perfect against snowy scenes, should you be so lucky!


Photo @wedding_wonderland_313

Our third tip is to prepare, and then prepare again for all types of weather. Here in the UK, we know our luck when it comes to the weather, and to be honest this tip is not exclusive to winter brides, with summer weddings also being threatened by gloomy rain clouds. However, with the colder months comes you definitely have to be ready. Equipt with umbrellas and rugs, jackets and mugs