6 Great Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

If you think of the typical wedding cake, what comes to mind? 3 tiers, ribbon bows, some little sugared roses? Well those days are long gone! Of course you can still go with a very traditional cake like this, but the traditional wedding cake rules have long gone out the wedding and these days there are sooo many alternative wedding cake ideas out there! 

Here are our top 6 picks for alternative wedding cakes

1. The Non-Traditional, Traditional Wedding Cake

So you have your heart set on a three tier wedding cake, but want to bring it up to date with modern trends and in line with your uber cool, industrial chic wedding? How about choosing a marbled effect wedding cake? You still get all the deliciousness of three humongous layers of cake (and all the cake tasting that comes along with that, whoop whoop), but with super modern styling this is definitely not your mum’s 1970s floral cake. 

Here are some of our favourites from The Enchanting Cake Company

alternative wedding cake ideas

2. An Upside Down, Traditional Wedding Cake

If you’re still keen on a real wedding cake (and can’t bear to forgo the cake tasting sessions, although who could blame you…), we absolutely love this idea from The Enchanting Cake Company of turning your wedding cake upside down and hanging it from a beautiful display!! You still get all the gorgeous sugared flower detail while seriously upping the cool factor. 

alternative wedding cake ideas

3. The Wedding Dessert Table

One of the alternative wedding cake ideas that has become hugely popular recently is the dessert table – instead of slices of fruit cake that, let’s be honest, many people don’t actually eat, how about giving them a table of deliciously decadent sweets and treats for them to help themselves to? Mrs Jones does absolutely delicious dessert tables, all beautifully styled with her huge selection of vintage china, like this one from one of our recent Boutique photoshoots.       

alternative wedding cake ideas dessert table

4. The Cheese Cake

This alternative wedding cake idea has been around for a while, but is such a great idea and wedding guests just love it – a “traditional” three tier wedding cake made entirely of cheese, like this tasty looking cake from Borough Box!

cheese cake alternative wedding cake

5. 3 Tiers of Cup Cakes!

Who doesn’t like a cup cake. i mean seriously. Find me someone who couldn’t devour a cup cake in about 30 seconds flat. The perfect balance of cake to frosting, in a perfectly portable package. Take it onto the dance floor, along to the bar, drink in hand, no need for a plate. And really, that’s what is happening at 10pm on your wedding day after everyone has finished their meal. Sure, if you need a small cake so you and your new hubby can do the traditional cake cutting, go for it! But free your guests from the shackles of the plate (and necessary table) and let them eat cake!

Nor do you have to go for cupcakes as you know them – give your cake maker the creative freedom to go to town on your cupcakes – each little cake becomes a stunning work of art. How incredible are these floral cupcakes from The Enchanting Cake Company?

alternative wedding cake ideas

6. Just ditch it.

No one is going to RSVP “no” to your wedding cause you’ve decided against a cake. It’s not against the law. It won’t be the lasting memory your guests have of your wedding. Treat them to a delicious dessert instead and save the cakes for birthdays. Because it’s your wedding, your day, and your (non-existent) cake.