5 bridesmaids gifts under £30

Bridesmaids Gifts

The final check has been paid, deposits have been taken, and quite frankly you’ve never seen your account look so bare since the good old days of student living. However there is nothing more exciting than thinking of your wedding fast approaching, and attempting to comprehend how special that day will be with all the blood, sweat and tears that has gone into the planning stages. Thank God for those maid of honours, best friends, siblings, and even mothers and mothers in law, for their last minutes sanity checks, for picking up the slack when you just couldn’t cope, and for holding your hand every step of the way. 

So naturally, you want to show how appreciative you are, for their undivided attention to your needs throughout this manic time. But after all, how can you put a price on their hard work? 

I’m sure if money and time was no object, we’d all love to whisk our loved ones away on a girls trip, hitting up the sunny coasts of the Maldives, or even gliding down the slopes in Aspen. But quite frankly, our dreams can continue being dreams, and in reality, it doesn’t take that much to truly tell someone how grateful you are. Often the most sincere and meaningful gifts are those that come truly come for the heart; a sentimental letter to show your appreciation goes further than you think. And paired with our top 5 gifts under £30, you’ll be able to truly let those individuals know how much they mean to you.